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Who we are

Souris-Lab Studio is a game development studio established since 2018  which creates positive games.

We create games useful in real life with subtile message or educative background to open-mind gamers.

Thanks to unique concepts and art direction, we make mainstream video games to target also people who don’t use to play.

Our team

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Kohana : The Northern cry

Kohana is an adventure game in prototype phase with a subtile message that show the fragility of the polar world. You will play as a young Inuit named Kohana accompanied by her polar bear friend Nita.

A story inspired by arctic legends, a poetic art direction as well as an innovative purity management system where your actions will have repercussions on your environment will make Kohana a good candidate for indie awards when development will be finished.

Néro and Sci ∫ Integral edition

Néro & Sci  ∫ integral edition is the revised and rebranded version of  A Tale of Synapse that has been released  by a spanish publisher without our agreement. This revised version includes the original content that should has been in the game at release + User Interface, ennemies fights and in-game cinematic revised.

Looking for a worldwide publisher or an Asian publisher.

Targeted release date : Q4 2023 to Q3 2024

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