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Who we are

Souris-Lab Studio is a game development studio established since 2018  which creates positive games.

We create games useful in real life with subtile message or educative background to open-mind gamers.

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Kohana : The Northern cry

Kohana is an adventure game in prototype phase with a subtile message that show the fragility of the polar world. You will play as a young Inuit named Kohana accompanied by her polar bear friend Nita.

A story inspired by arctic legends, a poetic art direction as well as an innovative purity management system where your actions will have repercussions on your environment will make Kohana a good candidate for indie awards when development will be finished.

PC & Console Premium Game | Stage: First prototype | Release date 2025 TBD.

The demo has been developed thanks to their support


Néro and Sci ∫ Integral edition

Néro & Sci  ∫ integral edition is the revised and rebranded version of  A Tale of Synapse that has been released  by a spanish publisher without our agreement. This revised version includes the original content that should has been in the game at release + User Interface, ennemies fights and in-game cinematic revised.

Looking for a worldwide publisher or local deal publisher.

Targeted release date : 2024 TBD

We also work as outsourced studio

Case study: Create a mobile and tablet game to discover the National Reserve of Haut Jura.

Ordered by RNNHCJ (French Government).

This project, initiated by the RNNHCJ, aims to familiarize players with the fauna and flora of the nature reserve by representing it graphically. On the program: education and culture about the creatures that make up the reserve, as well as mini-games to learn more about the local inhabitants. All this in a watercolor-style setting.

The game has been designed for PC/MAC, iOS and Android.

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