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Souris-Lab Studio is a game development studio founded in 2018 and creator of positive games.

We believe that video games are a fantastic source of artistic expression to spread knowledge and moral.

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Kohana : The Northern cry

Kohana is moral, icy and poetic adventure in which two kindly souls will have to appease the spirits of this open polar world.

This Zeldalike adventure game include many unique features as the purity and violence system management, an innovative skymap to find your way and many game mechanics inspired by polar cultures.


Stage: First prototype & GDD

Similar games audience: Tchia – Spiritfarer – Princess Mononoké

Deal size  €100k < €300k

PC & Consoles Premium Game

Release date 2026 TBD.


The project has been initiated thanks to their support


Néro & Sci ∫ Integral edition

Néro & Sci  ∫ integral edition is a remastered and rebranded version of our game A Tale of Synapse our hit title released in 2021 (22k units sold in France only). 

Looking for a worldwide publisher or local deal publisher.

Coming Soon


UI / platforming / Combat Improved.

Revised puzzles design with Educational bodies.

Puzzles solutions to purchase in app.

New languages & consoles. Approved by ID@Xbox.

We also work as outsourced studio

Case study: Mobile and tablet game to discover the National Reserve of Haut Jura.

Ordered by RNNHCJ (French Government).

This project, initiated by the RNNHCJ, aims to familiarize players with the fauna and flora of the nature reserve by representing it graphically. On the program: education and culture about the creatures that make up the reserve, as well as mini-games to learn more about the local inhabitants. All this in a watercolor-style setting.

The game has been designed to be used on tablet and PC.

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