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Who we are ?

Souris-Lab Studio is a game development studio established since 2019  which creates positive games

Our « Nindo »  is to make fun with a social, environnement or educative background to open-mind gamers.

Thanks to unique concepts and art direction, we make mainstream video games to target also people who don’t use to play.

Our team

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We have some games ready to release !

A Tale of Synapse : integral edition

A Tale of Synapse : integral edition is the first puzzle platformer with math logic based puzzles. Thank to Singapore math method players are able to solve the puzzles and understand math with their logic.

Date of planned  release : Q3 2023 to Q2 2024


Kohana is an open-world game in the prototyping phase. The player embodies an inuit and a small bear in order to explore the polar world.

This game will show the fragility of this world through a poetic story. It is a 2D game, in isometric view.

This video game will be presented at Game Connection Paris 2022. Let’s meet there !

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